A Surprising Spell To Make Someone Love You

Those regular readers who are really deep into the mystical and magical world of magic may already be quite familiar with white magic spells. In fact, many of these readers have tried them out already, many to successfully satisfy their quest for love. They will have heard and read some things about the black magic spell but to many readers it has been a case of; don’t even go there. These are dark and dangerous and pretty iffy spells. So it is to the tried and tested and recommended that they turn to. They turn to the purity and beauty of the white magic spell. Now for a surprising turn of events. The black magic spell is indeed a spell to make someone love you.

The expert suggestion given is that when the black magic spell is cast over someone with the intention being that the practitioner’s client will be loved in return, is that it will work. This has something to do with the power of black magic in general. Wise words of advice continue to prevail. The suggestion goes that the spell cast could be deemed a great success if the practitioner’s client has every intention to love the other with every being and every fiber of his or her heart, body and soul. Unto death do us part, as they say.

The intention to love and be loved must be a long-term one. That is the argument given about the values of true love. But little did arduous and star-struck lovers know. Imagine spending an entire lifetime with someone. Or imagine spending just a year with someone. Dare to imagine the impossible. Nothing is impossible, and it is certainly the case in human life. It happens that men and women fall out of love just as easily as they fall in, all head over heels. Black magic spells, would you believe, are being used to successfully break up marriages, long term relationships and even short term ones.

spell to make someone love you

Because the argument goes that this would be selfish love, if it is love at all. Why allow one being to spend months or years in misery, never being free while the other is allowed to cling for dear life. The purpose of the black magic spell to break up relationships is, to all intents and purposes, for loving purposes. The deal is to see to it that the relationship is allowed to end as peacefully, amicably and harmlessly as possible. People part their ways and are given a chance to be free. They are given an opportunity to rebuild their lives and start all over again.

And who knows, they may yet fall in love, all over again. It happens in life. It is never a case of easy come, easy go, but rather a case of do unto others what you would like done to you. That is still powerful. And black magic spells are powerful too.